Clinical Pilates & Yoga

A conscious, welcoming and light filled studio offering insightful and intelligent exercise


Due to COVID-19, LUME Pilates & Movement has temporarily moved to an online platform.

Lume clients can now continue with their individual programs and any new clients can have a fresh, individual home program created. Physical activity does not need to regress right now, it’s an important time to stay healthy and be active for good physical and mental health.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates

Group Classes

Group Classes



Our Approach

To empower people towards self-efficacy. Facilitating opportunities to build strength, gain confidence and feel great through movement

Our Difference

Our Clinical Pilates and group classes are kept small. This is to give individual guidance and focus to you, and to ensure that you’re making steady progress while working safely and effectively

Clinical Pilates

3 people max

Yoga + Mat Pilates classes

10 people max

Strength Circuit

5 people max

Our Feel

Natural light and indoor plants amongst a wild mix of timber and metal, yoga mats and kettle bells, reformers and spring bars. We hope that you’ll find our studio a little different to the norm.

From new movers, to anyone recovering from an injury, to those seeking a challenging edge to your regular training routine – we’re here to craft individual programs specific to your needs.