Private appointments and 3:1 small group sessions

A great place to start…

  • for anyone new to exercise;
  • working through an injury;
  • combating chronic pain;
  • addressing stress and/or anxiety;
  • seeking individual performance goals
  • pregnant or looking for postnatal recovery

We suggest you begin with a 1:1 appointment with one of our expert Pilates Clinicians. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your condition and goals with us, and us the opportunity to craft an individual program to match. You may want to book a follow up 1:1 appointment, or you may choose to join a 3:1 small group Clinical Pilates session.

Our difference

At Lume, Clinical Pilates groups are kept small with 3 people maximum per session. This allows us to give you individual guidance and focus, and to ensure that you’re making steady progress while feeling good.

“The expertise and close personal attention has been the difference between post-pregnancy being a physical struggle for me, or an excellent opportunity to build strength and flexibility.” – Karah

“We use movement practices to focus on motor control-development and empower people towards self-efficacy”

Clinical Pilates small groups allow you to move through the exercises in your individual program under the guidance of the Pilates Clinician. Your teacher will closely track your program and make adjustments as needed. 

If you are also seeing other health professionals, we can consult with them to ensure that all approaches and desired outcomes are complimentary to each other.

If you’re new to exercise, recovering from an injury or seeking a challenging edge to your regular training routine, the team at Lume can tailor a program specific to your individual needs.

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