LUME group classes are kept small with 10 people maximum, giving each person the opportunity for individual guidance and development.

New to class? All of our classes are an open level and new people are welcome to join at any time.

We are an inclusive and conscious studio, our classes are frequented by all walks of life including athletes, artists, parents, yogis, lawyers and software developers. We have no dress code or style – wear a t-shirt, be you.

All levels of experience and ability are welcome, our group classes are open for you to attend casually as you please. However, if you are managing an acute injury, pregnant (12 weeks and beyond) or would like extra guidance in a smaller group setting, then our Clinical Pilates sessions may be a good fit for you.

Spaces are limited, pre-booking is essential to secure your place.

“A challenging, well-rounded experience using a diverse variety of techniques to achieve goals of strength and flexibility.” 

– Jon

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates classes are designed to strengthen you, lengthen you, enhance your coordination, balanced and movement patterns. We carefully construct our Pilates classes to work your entire body. They keep your core strong, your hips supple, your shoulders healthy and your back agile.

Class numbers are kept small, a maximum of 10 people in each group, giving each person the opportunity for individual guidance and modifications from the teacher.

Mats and props provided.

All levels of experience and ability welcome.

YOGA + Meditation

Vinyasa style yoga + guided meditation.

A dynamic and energising style of yoga. We will flow from pose to pose, getting the whole body moving while working with the breath. Expect to build up a sweat then relax with a 15 minute guided meditation. A beautiful practice to strengthen your body, lengthen your limbs and sharpen your mind.

Small group class of 10 people only, delivering detailed adjustments and modifications for each individual.

Mats and props provided.

All levels of experience and ability welcome.



Small Group – 5 Max

Strength Circuit classes are a dynamic combination of reformer Pilates, kettle bell weights, resistance exercises, body weight strengthening and feel-good movement. Finish off with a juicy stretch.

‘Round robin’ style class targeting core, arms, legs and back muscles. Circuit classes target your entire body for you to leave feeling balanced, released and strong.

All levels or experience and ability welcome.