Simone Ivkovic

Senior Pilates Clinician

“I  find it extremely rewarding to help individuals achieve their goals and find self-efficacy. I have a particular interest in using exercise and movement to maximise rehabilitation outcomes. My experience working in a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings has allowed me to appreciate how injury, disease and biopsychosocial factors influence health and wellbeing.

Ever the mover, I began my movement practice as a dancer and trained in ballet and contemporary dance at Queensland University. I worked as a professional dancer in Montreal and Australia, then ventured back to University to study the art of making movement, choreography at Melbourne University’s Victorian College of the Arts. My interest in movement is not just my work, it is my passion and hobby and has become deeply embedded into my life. It was only natural for me to expand my career to include Clinical Pilates, Yoga and movement teaching. I have now been delivering Pilates alongside Physiotherapists and Osteopaths for the past 8 years. I work closely with musculoskeletal conditions, injury recovery, chronic pain and pregnancy. I approach exercise from a place of engagement, relevance, connection and enjoyment and am motivated in helping people on their pathway to recovery

Lume came to be in early 2017 with the idea of creating a movement space that had all of the clinical expertise, in a space that did not feel overly-clinical. Importance was placed on natural light, warmth, positivity and identity to empower clients to become self-efficient and take control of their bodies. My dream with Lume is to build a down to earth and conscious community of movers and thinkers.”

~ Simone Ivkovic


Lume, Meet the Team

~ Diploma of Clinical Pilates
~ Advanced Mat and Reformer Pilates Certification
~ Postgraduate Diploma Performance Creation (Choreography). Victorian College of the Arts
~ Bachelor Creative Industries (Dance). Queensland University of Technology
~ Australian Dance Council Board Member

Kim Szeto

Pilates Clinician
Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Teaching Pilates has been a great passion since I began in 2016. Nothing is more rewarding than helping my clients find a better experience of their bodies through movement – from pain management to performance, and awareness and education.


My personal Pilates practise began a number of years ago as a way of maintaining my own body to manage an active lifestyle and a range of physical interests and endeavours – particularly Yoga and running.


I have taught Pilates in Pilates Studio’s, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy Clinics, and Gym and fitness studios, and have worked with a wide range of people of different ages, backgrounds, abilities and goals. Pilates is a fantastic way to build the foundations of a body that moves well, feels good and is able to keep up with the demands of life – whatever they may be for the individual.


In addition to Pilates I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, and am currently undertaking research Honours in Pain Science. I consult at Lume and the University of South Australia, working with people with various health conditions and from different walks of life. Through my studies and work I have gained experience prescribing and delivering exercise to people with various health conditions and abilities at different stages of their lives.


Seeing the people I work with engage with exercise and the positive effect this has on their health and quality of life never fails to inspire me.


Trough teaching Pilates and working as an Exercise Physiologist I aspire to share my love for movement and exercise, and how this translates to a happy and healthy life.


~ Kim Szeto


Pilates Teacher.

~ Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (University of South Australia)

~ Diploma of Clinical Pilates

~ Certificate IV in Pilates